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by Janie Martin

This morning my Soul said this to me during a meditation and showing me as a symbolic image story of me as a precious gemstone lying buried just beneath the surface in the ground with a number of explorers looking to find me, that I, Janie, was a beautiful precious jewel that has been lying here buried in the ground. 

Many have passed me by, walked over me even.  I was within sight but they missed me........they missed me because they did not deserve me, they were not ready for me, they did not believe they would find me, they would never have appreciated me because they could not see my luster buried here all alone. I am centuries old. 

I am waiting here for the one who does deserve me, for the one who will discover the treasure that lies within their reach.  When I am found, the great value of that which I really am will be recognized, and then I will be cleaned off, polished up, gazed upon with loving eyes, and set in a precious setting and displayed with great pride as a treasure for all to behold by the wearer who deserved to find me.

This made me cry and I knew that I must never sacrifice my values or valuable way of living in the world for the gratification of another whose vibrations did not match my own, or had my best interest at heart.

(This was written by a member, Janie, who has given us permission to post it here. Enjoy!)