Success Stories


Relocating for Love

I had only been a member of your site for a day when I came across Stacey’s profile. I felt an immediate resonance, but noticed to my disappointment that she had not been active since 2005. I thought certainly she is already in a relationship. A week or so later I decided to email her anyway. A couple hours later she emailed me back saying that reading my profile had entirely shifted her reality. She included her phone number, and that evening we talked for several hours; next evening the same, when we discussed the reality of one of us flying to see the other. The third evening we booked the ticket for her to come visit me, and less than 2 weeks after our initial contact she spent a magical weekend here with me. Our connection in person was everything we had hoped and more. We had chemistry on all levels: intellectual, emotional, physical, spiritual. We see eye to eye on everything, from things like neither one of us watches TV and we both garden, to our global vision and the type of future we want to create for ourselves. We are now making plans for her to relocate to share our lives together.

Thank you,