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I subscribed to several online dating services for about three years.  Early on I decided to be forthcoming and accurately descriptive in my profiles about things that matter to me, simple things that have over decades proved to be fundamental and lasting sources for me of contentment and satisfaction.  Refining the specificity of my profile over time reduced the number of ultimately dead-end initial exploratory contacts, which being a busy person, was a great benefit.  Over the span of my subscriptions I received a small number of comments validating the thoughtful thoroughness of my statements regarding myself, and the female partner I sought; and also a couple of hostile, condemnatory messages accusing me of egotistical self-inflation!  I met online, talked with on the phone, and ultimately dated some very interesting women who I would otherwise never have met, a few of whom remain good friends.  These include several  women on the Conscious Dating Network.  The "CDN" member with whom I have been growing into apparently boundless love since last June lives about 60 miles from me.  Her profile was similarly descriptive of the deeper, simple things that truly matter to her in the long run.  I found her statements very appealing, so persisted in contacting her when she didn't respond at first.  She told me that she was feeling discouraged and ready to give up when I sent my last (third) email with my phone number, stating that I had business where she lives in a couple of days and would like to meet her for a get-acquainted chat.  She says she almost didn't call me...but now is very glad that she did!  I'm certainly very glad she did, too.  We have become best friends and life partners.  Of the online dating services I tried, the women subscribed to your site have been consistently the most appealing, their spiritual orientation of the highest quality, their wisdom developed in self-examination the fullest and most savory.
Mahalo nui loa.