Success Stories


I found my Goddess!

I have such a HUGE "Thank You!!!" to give you. In my opinion you have created the best spiritual based dating service on the net. I have met a total of 6 wonderful Goddesses and found them all be true to their profiles. They are all dear friends to this day and one amazing Goddess has become my Beloved! The beautiful Goddess I am sharing this divine relationship with is an answer to my prayers. We are dancing together in a love I only dreamed of experiencing with a partner. Our souls connect in that deepest place were God lives. I am the biggest promoter of your site as a result of my very positive experience. Everywhere I go I tell people about the story of finding my soul mate on your site and all the positive experiences I have had. Some people ask if I work for you because I am so passionate about them experiencing the site.

So, Thank You!!! WAY TO GO!!!! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! for helping me to find my dream girl!!!! I know she is wanting to thank you as well. I just moved in with her in Los Angeles to take our connection to the next step. So, if your ever back in San Diego or L.A. she and I would love to take you out to dinner and share our story. All my blessings to you magnificent one!!! Rock On!!!!

Love & Light,