Success Stories


All that and a bag of chips!

The man that I met on your site is a licensed mental health counselor, a life coach and relationship counselor, in his own practice, certified in the same areas that I am (only he is more accomplished and has a lot more than me) and has a high degree of ethics and integrity, is a professional; photographer and writes the most amazing poetry. I cannot believe that he was available, but destiny wins out once again. Yeah for destiny! We have values we each bring of honesty and openness to the relationship. He is funny, intelligent, kind, compassionate, open, fluid, receptive, giving, and exactly what I requested I wanted from the universe, and some. I tell him he is all that and a bag of chips too. We live 190 miles from each other so we are working through that one challenge. We both feel blessed and fortunate to have found each other and again are very grateful to your service. I absolutely know he was supposed to come into my life and I know that the energies that guide us will use the paths available to bring our destinies together. Your program offers a portal to allow that to happen. Thanks again. Mona