Success Stories


The power of intention

Two years ago now I created a profile on your site.  I liked that there was a site for spiritualy dedicated people and I also understand the power of intention.  If I really wanted a partner in my life I had to show up, yet being an extremely busy person no time seemed available in my life; this site was my answer. Through developing a profile I became clear on who I am and also on who would truly complement me.  This was incredibly invaluable to me, this process prepared me for the magic of perfect connection, someone who I casually bumped into on a business trip and then months later in the briefest of calls suddenly ignited into my perfect relationship due to an uncanny and lingerring thought.  I am very happy and don't believe it would have happened if I had not taken that first step in declaring my intention and creating my profile.  Your site is a great way to affirm that there truly are many wonderful people of high spiritual integrity in this world.  It is also a great way to meet some of them, and maybe just maybe find that one perfect partner for you.

Blessings on your journey, D

male, 45