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Natural Fit

Words seem futile to capture a certain type of connection.

I do know in many ways, somewhere, somehow, real love from another will find you when you you are as real. Jill, I am glad that your contribution in bridging those meant to meet through here was part of the journey for Teresa and I.

Interestingly, I was not actively looking to date in person or online. I was looking for a spiritual group to attend personally in my local area,  when I noticed on one of the group's internet pages there was a link to The name piqued my interest. I signed up to explore this newfound curiosity, while Teresa right around the same time signed up on We were living in different states then. The conversation with Teresa held and we flourished.

For the first time it seems, there is an intimate connection with such an open and free heart. Though types of relationships come with certain preconceptions, we are happily in an open relationship. To limit another's sense of connecting isn't naturally in us. Intimately, I have never been in anything as sincere and as real. It is a rare connection. But just because it is rare, there does not come a sense of needing to grasp tightly. And yet that brings us even closer. It is nonpossessive, effortless, and enriching. At the core of it, I have met my best friend.

We have been blown away with how various compatibility concepts describe our particular connection as being extremely compatible. For instance, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator gives a remarkable index for ENFP (Teresa) and INFJ (me) in relation. In this empirical system called "The Secret Language of Relationships," it categorizes our compatibility as "True Soulmates". It is peculiar as we consistently discover through different synthesis, confirmation of what we knew from early on to be true for us. Though, beyond conceptual reality, there is an understanding and acceptance that can only be met in silence. First and foremost, that is where we reside. In that silent pulse of Love.

Even before meeting in person, it came as no surprise to see how our individual lives worked themselves in a way that wanted us to merge together. Culturally, much coincides with how we grew up in our respective families and the similar misunderstandings we faced for simply being free thinkers.

Such a magnificent network to cross paths on. Thanks to you and your team for maintaining it, Jill.


More from Felix: 

I was living in Texas when we first started talking. Teresa is from Oregon herself and I moved to live with an old friend I knew from Portland to be close to Teresa as we came closer in person. Things kept unfolding in a way that life really wanted us to be together, the way everything fell into place. We now live together in our own place in Sherwood.

We started talking online in February 2018. Within a few weeks of starting to talk we both retreated from the site. Teresa purchased a few months of paid membership and I purchased one month. Teresa wished she had not bought all 3 months 😜 . You just never know how much you may actually need! I told her we were even more fortunate to have not idled much on the site from the time we signed up.

I had lived in Oregon years ago coincidentally so I knew friends to make coming closer in person a realistic approach with no serious pressure of me moving exclusively for her. But we both had a real good feeling what was to be! Neither of us was nervous to meet. It was a calm excitement and joyful feeling leading into meeting in person.

I landed in Oregon in June 2018. I moved into her place in Sherwood, in August 2018 and we moved to a new place together in October 2018 in Sherwood.

Our screennames were "opensecret" (me) and "SpicyVegan84" (Teresa).

Much warmth,


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