Success Stories


One Love-Long Distance Again!

Hi Jill and Team,

I wish to give thanks and express my appreciation to you your team for providing an awesome Site that Facilitates spiritual people meeting. I had a chance to interact with the Staff who were very helpful and completely friendly and professional. Also Jill, when I inquired about the accuracy of the astrological charts, (which are dead on accurate BTW!) you actually took the time to email me directly explaining in a warm friendly personal manner the selection process of your astrologer and wished me well. Hello!?!?? I am amazed at such caring attention to detail from a busy CEO!

I laughingly tell friends that your site sent me 860 possible match profiles to peruse and then if that weren't enough a second batch of 600 or so and I diligently looked at every single profile until my brain was pudding and I refused to look at another profile.

I met several wonderful sincere women but nothing hit my intuition until a woman whose profile I remembered looking at twice but never contacted from all of the profiles sent me a "hello." Yes, from all the profiles I viewed I explicitly remembered her because she has the most amazing eyes I have ever seen but didn't think she would be interested in me so...

We are to be married August 15th, 2013 in her country. Really, distance doesn't matter to Soul Mates. What I find interesting Jill is that the very first and only time I viewed her Profile, that was the exact same day that she went online to pull her profile. There have been a continuous stream of "coincidences" in our partnership to date and the whole process is simply amazing. I have simply surrendered to the idea that what Spirit wants, Spirit gets. Talking with my Love is like talking to myself. We have coined a phrase, "Shared Values, Shared Purpose, One Love." to describe our relationship.

Here is a photo from our engagement dinner. Thank you!