Success Stories
Not too far after all!

Hi Jill,   I wanted you to know Michael (ptrooper36) and I (earthychick) started corresponding as friends on your site back in March of this year. We were too far apart (location-wise) for me to consider him as a potential love match. However, by mid May we had met in person and have both decided we were going to make this work. I have found the love of my life. Thank you for the platform to make this possible .    Sincerely, Lauri   
Lists Fulfilled, check!

My husband John and I met on your site nearly 6 years ago and as I write this, we are celebrating our 3-year wedding anniversary!

By the time I was 44, I had experienced several long-term relationships, but never marriage, and I truly wanted that life-long commitment. My last relationship was with a man I met the first time I was on your site as well, and after nearly 3 years, it ended amicably. When I was ready to date again, I returned to your site because I knew this was the site where I would find the best mate for me. And I did! 

When you know, you really do know.

Hi Jill!

I wanted to write to you to share my success story and thank you for your help in bringing my partner, Eric, and I together.

I can see very clearly how my life has been preparing me to meet my 'match' and believe that we all have to do our work to get to a place where we are able to receive such a great love but your site was the final and divine piece of the path to bringing us together.   

I have been using online dating sites to meet my mates for over 15 years....long before it was trendy or cool.  In fact, when I...

Soul Level Connection

We found each other thanks to the Conscious Dating Network!  After some initial frustration that potential matches were a geographical challenge, we discovered not only each other but that we both live in Arizona which made it easy to meet up for dinner and a more complete conversation.  

We have found that our values are amazingly very similar and form the basis for what we both feel is a deep soul-level connection.  Thank you for providing this service and helping us find each other! We truly feel a deep emotional spiritual physical connection and everyday...

Custom Built for each other

From Shelly:

I’m a chiropractor and facilitator of Access Consciousness. A patient told me about your site in 2009, and I created a profile and then forgot about it. I closed my practice in Arizona in 2010 and moved to Portugal to buy a chiropractic office, only to realize 4 months later that it wasn’t going to work out. I was like most entrepreneurial women out there – no time for dating, business was first.

Using the tools of Access Consciousness, I did become extremely clear about what I desired and required from a partner, and also what I...

Knew Instantly

"We are sooooo grateful for Jill Crosby’s wonderful idea of creating the Conscious Dating Network. We met on her beautiful site on 15th August 2013 and met in person for the very first time on 29th August 2013. As soon as we met in a lovely London Cafe we both felt an electricity between us. We are both very dedicated 'A Course In Miracles’ teacher/students and that was a massive plus. We also both love the teachings of Abraham as delivered by Esther Hicks so we had a lot in common.

One of the biggest plusses for us on your site is the extremely in depth...

Blessed and Bountiful!


Dominic: I had been on many dating sites and never really finding that connection, or that feeling of really allowing to be vulnerable and 100% my authentic self. After living in Phoenix for 3 years, and going through a very physically challenging time (with a nerve injury that was incapacitating for 3 years), I performed the life of the Phoenix.

As I grew out of the ashes and was ready to spread my wings again, I decided to move back to my hometown to regroup and beat this injury without doctors ($5000 and 3 years of doctors later). As I...
Unlike Anything Before!

  Dear Jill,
We are writing to thank and tell you how important we believe your site is for assisting spiritually-oriented people in meeting. My partner, Mark, and I met on your site in the late fall/early winter of 2014.   I had been on the site for a while and had the privilege to meet some wonderful people; however, I was at a point where I was considering taking a break from the site when Mark contacted me. He had been on the site for a matter of hours when he came across my profile. He sent me the most amazing email which not only showed how much we had in...
Waiting a Lifetime for Each Other

 Hi Jill,   I am thrilled to share another success story with you!  My husband (yes, husband) Chris and I love to tell people we met on a dating site neither one of us signed up for.  He was on Green Singles and I was on Spiritual Singles.  We had both tried the sites several years ago, but found little selection in our area.  Strangely enough, we both decided at about the same time to try the sites again. 

He was the first person to contact me after I renewed my profile. Less than a week into dating we knew we had...
Something Greater Brought Us Together

You cannot imagine how reluctant I was about going on dating sites until I found yours. In a moment of inspiration I started to fill in the profile with all honesty and no expectations and it paid off. I had contact within a few members but nothing happened. Or maybe there was someone and I just did not know it yet. Tony contacted me and we started writing. When we met it was amazing how the conversation flowed and how we laughed a lot. Every date was magic and when we went for a picnic surrounded by nature I knew he was the love of my life. Since that day we have been inseparable. After...

Love Of My Life!

Updated, recent Success story:

My wife and I met on your site over two years ago now.  She was in NY and I was Oregon.  We met on New Years Eve and we both called our friends and family the next day and said, "I found my life partner!"  I had tried Match in the past but simply did not resonate with most of the people.  Your site is a "smaller pond," but the members vibrate at a higher level.

I have told many people about your site and everyone is so appreciative!  It is like an oasis in the dating desert. You...

Life Long Search Over!


Joe and I met on your site and are thrilled to express our gratitude for the part played by your site in bringing us together, the culmination of a lifelong search for a soul mate for us both. We have been together for 9 months now, and we feel we have birthed a new and lasting relationship together. We feel truly blessed and thrilled by every moment that we share, opening us to our Divine purpose in a multitude of ways.

Below is Joe’s latest poem to me. I believe that it speaks volumes.

With Sincere and Everlasting Gratitude,

Texas to Los Angeles


We are writing you to share an experience that may not have been possible without your dating site. We are thankful for the creation of such a platform that enables spiritually like-minded people to connect; people who are looking for something a little deeper than just a nice face and body-they are seeking a Soul Communion.

My name is Bradford, and I am currently residing in Dallas, TX. This amazing woman, named Ana, that I was able to connect with through your site, currently lives in a suburb of Los Angeles, CA. Obviously we are a thousand...

Crazy in Love

To Whom It May Concern:
I joined your site in May of 2012.  Within a couple of weeks I began chatting with another member.  After sharing a few emails we decided to chat over the phone.  Our first phone call was several hours long and we set up a face to face meeting within the week.  It was apparent very quickly that we were really enjoying each others company and made plans for when we would meet again.  After three weeks of dating we became inseperateable...after three months he put his house up for sale as we were always at my place and May 29, 2013 we...

Love Over 50, No Problem!

Dear Jill,
Thank you so much for making this site available with clarity of intentions you have for people to find each other.  I had been a member for a few years and had some nice e-mail exchanges; even a few in-person meetings which didn't amount to anything but were still very enjoyable.  Last November, I received an e-mail from muse9, and the two of us connected on so many levels so quickly that we were both amazed and delighted.  She is everything I could have asked for and so much more. It feels that we have known each other much longer than six months. ...

Love that is TRUE

Wow, I am so overwhelmed with massive Joy and fulfillment! I had been on this site for over a year and didn't really meet anyone I was compatible with and just before all hope was lost, I was contacted by "my heart" Mabel. She invited me into her reality and as we both began communicating with each other, ALL THE RIGHT THINGS HAPPENED. The natural flow of "give and take", the mutual understanding, the endless admiration for each other, all landed perfectly into place.

When you meet the right person for you, everything that is wonderful and pure occurs...

Joy and Carefree Essence of Childhood

Hi Jill,

Things are going wonderfully & I'm so grateful for the role you & your site has played.

I've been on your site for almost 4 years & have met so many wonderful people through it. Each relationship has taught me a little more about myself & provided the opportunity to grow ready for conscious love.

Having found my beloved I've recaptured the joy and carefree essence I held as a child which went a little dormant throughout my adult years. Interestingly, just before meeting on your site we both made a major career change...

One Love-Long Distance Again!

Hi Jill and Team,

I wish to give thanks and express my appreciation to you your team for providing an awesome Site that Facilitates spiritual people meeting. I had a chance to interact with the Staff who were very helpful and completely friendly and professional. Also Jill, when I inquired about the accuracy of the astrological charts, (which are dead on accurate BTW!) you actually took the time to email me directly explaining in a warm friendly personal manner the selection process of your astrologer and wished me well. Hello!?!?? I am amazed at such caring attention...

Upfront about Preferences
Hi Jill, 

I want to congratulate you on running a great website.

I have found a very compatible partner through the site and we've been together for about 1 1/2 years now.

Both of us were very upfront about our preferences and dislikes so were able to both take the first steps and resolve any issues as they have arisen while also maintaining our identities.


Thanks, and good luck to those continuing the search.
Love at 70!

 Hello Jill,
Thank you so much for your well wishes.
I met Mary on your site in September of this year (2014). We talked on the phone for more than an hour every night. the chemistry became very obvious, and Mary decided that we needed to meet in person.
Mary's home is in Connecticut, and I'm in Nevada. She flew into Las Vegas on November 5th, and has been here, with me, for the past 12 wonderful days.
It isn't only companionship, or love making, but a continuous series of little miracles, each awakening us to...

Happiest Man on Earth!

Dear Jill,
I wanted you to know that, thanks to you, and your amazing site, I have found a wonderful lady love. As you know, I'm seventy years old, and have been alone for fifteen years, and now thanks to you, I'm the happiest man on Earth! She is a dream come true, and I will never be able to thank you enough. . .
Keep up the wonderful work.
You are far better than Cupid!
Stay happy,

Best Birthday Ever!

Thank you for being you! This may sound unreal to some yet the sequence of events tells a true story. The very day that I signed up on Spiritual Singles, May 2, 2013, I received messages from 2 users that tagged me as 'Interested in You'. One of those 2 was a bit interesting but didn't resonate with me. The other interested user has turned out to be my dream come true. We communicated back and forth for the next several days. We met in person on May 11th in his hometown of Bisbee, AZ. The rest so far, as they say, is history! We seem to fit together like 2 peas in a pod. We laugh, play,...

Conscious Site-Spot On!

I actually think I may have found someone special after years of searching / hoping / praying... we'll see : )

I just want to thank you for creating your site!! I've been on a few sites for years, and a couple of other spiritually inclined ones too.. but to me it seems that your site has become the main/primary site for conscious seekers to find each other. Congratulations for that!!  Probably for several reasons, but yours just works well! I've had suggestions for improvements on some other sites in the past, but yours is spot on.. just wanted to tell you that : )

Australia to Washington State!

Thanks to your site, I have met my mate, my true love. We ‘met’ at the end of April and after five months of twice daily and more emails and weekend chats and phone calls, I finally travelled from Western Australia all the way to Washington state in the USA to meet him… I booked my ticket about a month after we met!!

When I walked into his arms at the airport, it just felt totally right.. I had known him forever…It’s something about his vibration … our two souls come together and create this higher vibration.. There’s something about...

Even More Delicious!

There is a difference between hoping, trying and choosing. When I was on other sites, I was honestly checking things out, telling the Universe I was open… yet when I decided to go on your site, I had CHOSEN to find my beloved.
Within in two weeks of meeting lovely people online, I have met someone quite extraordinary. The soul connection is deep and the possibilities are beyond my imagination. For me, I choose to explore this relationship with total focus, surrender and openness to the fullest it can be, so I gratefully cancelled my subscription. I’m ready...

True Heart Connection ~ Destined to Be!

Thank you for your site. My partner and I have made a heart connection and we know that we are committed to a life together. We believe that we were destined to be together, and your site made it a lot easier to have found each other as we are a significant distance apart (only geographically). That will change soon enough. Now we will go into the world supporting each other and radiating our harmonious, passionate Love. We will be able to change many, many more lives than we could have done separately.

Thank you for helping us find each other!

Australia to California

From Her:
I want to thank you - through your site, I met the man who was born with the wind in his hair and the starlight in his eyes - 'Angelico'. He is a creative genius: a holistic doctor, a spiritual psychiatrist, a brilliant composer of 2,200 songs, a writer of books, a shaman healer, and an inventor of a divination game. No other man shared my being so totally and repletely - we shared something primeval, strong, from the very wells of our souls, affecting us both so totally. Our peak moments together were full, we were perfectly in tune, strengthening a bond of passion and...

Love in Australia!

Hi Jill,

Again my heartfelt thanks for providing such a valuable web site service. I live in Melbourne, Australia.

I met Nancy in March 2011 on your excellent web site. We are both divorced. Nearly 1 year has passed. Your website structure is very comprehensive. Your compatibility questionnaires are brilliant. I did not trust them at first, but they have proven themselves to me now. Among many other things,

Nancy is a piano teacher from Hong Kong. She gained Australian citizenship before I met her. I have grown to love her more and more in this time as I...

1600 Miles problem!

Fritz and I met on your site- I was attracted to him because he grew tomatoes and seemed so genuine.
We chatted by email for awhile...then by phone. Finally, we met in person and the love was wonderful! We have been in a committed relationship for over a year and just recently moved in together. We get along like two peas in a pod and it gets sweeter every day!
When we first met, we lived about 1600 miles apart. However; we did not let the 'distance thing' get in the way of our developing relationship. I believe there is someone for everyone...and not just...

Marriage in The New Year! From Maine to California!

I wanted to let you know that I have found love because of your site and we are to be married in the new year! Though he lived in La Jolla CA and I in Portland ME, the distance did not prove to be a major deterrant for us and we are incredibly happy to have found love in our middle age. I will be moving there in January and it is a first marriage for us both. We have waited a long time to have found this joy.
The quality of men I found on this site was far superior to or some of the other dating sites I have used through the years. I thank you for having...

4000 Miles Apart! Success From US to England!!!

I am so grateful.

I was celibate for almost 10 years after giving up on relationship and family. I joined a spiritual community and was determined to make a contribution on a bigger level. After 5 years of devotion and service, I felt dried up and almost dead. It seemed such a paradox to have such ecstasy in communion and spiritual development and yet physically feel that my body was withering before my eyes.

I took a bold step and chose to find my own liberation and ultimately was led to tantra. It was through a tantra practice that I met a woman (at a tantra...

Jolt to my Heart

Hi Jill,

The lucky man is known as *** on your site or Chip which I affectionately call him.  We live only 12 miles away from each other so moving wasn't necessary.  Our lives are blending nicely as his family and mine fully support our relationship.
We both were out of the field for years and only recently put out the intention of meeting someone.  We've compared our intentions and they are almost identical therefore we shouldn't be surprised of the manifestation being perfect.   We started contact with an e-mail on this site and...

4 Year Anniversary Update!

Hi Jill- Grateful, as this is the 4 year anniversary of meeting my divine partner Robin through your site. Robin was guided by her spiritual guides to go to your site. Her reply was I'm not looking for a relationship, and they repeated, go to te site and register.

I replied to her post with a comment from David Hawkins, and that caught her attention as she had been listening to him the day before while driving from CA to Tucson. Four weeks later I moved to Tucson to be with Robin.


Thanks again for providing a venue for our spirit guides to allow us...

The Best Match of My Life!

I, we, must thank you for providing a means of finding true love.  I signed up and although there were many people to choose from, I only found one person who sparked my interest.  It proved to be the best match of my life --- we've been together for 6 months now and are as happy as the first day we met.  We intend to write more but in a nut shell this is my spiritual love that I've been looking for all my life.  Thanks!!

Norway to Belgium! The Hand of an Angel

I just wanted to thank you for your awesome network. Thanks to the site, I found love again.
It's actually quite wonderful how I met this sweet, gentle man on your site and how we connected so well. 

It all started when I accidentally happened to stumble on to his profile, a guy with a weird alias and a fuzzy photo and a pretty 'fuzzy' profile-text too. I left the page quite quickly as it was kind of vague. But, the next day, I found a message in my mail box from 'fuzzy guy' and found him to be very gentle, kind and enchanting.

We sent each other mail after...

"I Found Mine Here"
Thank you so much for starting this site.  I have been on other dating sites in the past and could not find a person that was really walking the spirtitual path. I found mine here.  She is so beautiful inside anad out. I pinch myself to make sure that I am not dreaming because she is such a blessing and she lives in the life of truth.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Every day is so amazing.  We really consider each other in what is the highest interest for each other.  We dont sweat the small stuff.  A gift.

US Meets Canadian Twin Flame!

Well... I am so happy to tell you that I have a success story to share after being on your site for a year.  I believe I have met my twin flame "SoulFlight" from New Hampshire.  He found me after only being on the site for three days. He contacted me at the end of August, came out to Canada to meet me two weeks ago and things just evolved from there.   I just talked to him tonight on the phone and he told me that he sent you an email to let you know that he too found his match.  I have never experienced such a connection with anyone before and have a very...

Success in England! Love at First Date!

Many Thanks for your wonderful site enabling Spiritual people to come into contact with other Spiritual people. I have made some wonderful friends from using your site and have now found the person I wish to spend the rest of my Life with. We met just over a month ago and our first date lasted 40 hours lol. We connected on such a spiritual level and just enjoyed sharing time with each other as we got to know all about each other .

We both feel we are on our Spiritual journeys and wish to share our journeys with each other .
The last month has been wonderful enjoying...

Aussie Love Blossoms After First Message

Thanks to your great, alternative website I found someone that I otherwise would not have met. He is unlike anyone else I have ever met and is right for me. I had seen your ad. in the magazine Living Now and it stuck in my mind, it took me a while to check it out as I was not that keen on signing up to a dating site, eventually I checked it out and did a search and on that search someone's profile picture got my interest.

Still I was debating myself whether I should sign up or not and the next night I decided to! After reading his profile I sent an Interest and a Hello and few days...

Custom Made, Perfect Companion for Life!

Wanted to share my success Story with you.
My name is Kumar, I am a Relationship coach who have been on my Spiritual Journey for most of my life. I have been married twice and was getting disillusioned by the who concept of marriage, open to a committed relationship but not open to marriage. I had been on your site for a couple months and spoke to a few people across the country, but no one really sparked my interest. I had communicated with a young woman who seemed to be on the same path as me, she had just moved back to the US after living abroad. She traveled between Arizona and...

Blossoming New Love Brightens up Life!

This site is a great website and provides a wonderful forum for interesting people to meet each other. It has a number of features that make it stand out as my favorite dating website, including the in-depth questions and the compatibility tests.

I personally enjoyed most all my correspondences and contacts with people I encountered on the site and have met someone whom I am really enjoying getting to know. I think the relationship has great potential! The future is never completely known, but having that special person in one's life makes it look a lot brighter!

Instant Magic!

The first lady I wrote to after joining turned out to be "magic" for me. It's still too early to tell if this is THE magic, but we're off to a good start! This site has exceeded any expectation I could have had! I hope it will be so for everyone who wants to narrow their search for love to those who share a spiritual approach to life!  Tim

Found! Suitable Loving Relationshihp

The site is brilliant! I found exactly what I want e.g. a serious, very suitable and loving relationship based on trust, honesty, open mindedness and willingness. This website gave me the chance to find my partner in a way that suits my lifestyle. Who else but mother earth could 'do' that?!
:) vpeace xx

She started it!

Last year I took a chance on contacting someone on your site -- a no-no for a woman, according to The Rules guidebook, but a yes-yes for me! After getting to know each other for a few months, finding just the beginning of all the ways we were connected through past lives and our spiritual mission in life, we took the romantic road. It's been profound -- a journey with both joy and growth work (scary but good). Very mutually supportive, and loving. Thanks to you for providing a forum where people with out-of-the box views on life can connect.

Marin CA

Journeying Into the Future Together!

The site has facilitated some amazing conversations and chats in my life, and I am now journeying with someone special I met on the site. We are both very grateful for this amazing service that brought us together, thank you.

Better than E-Harmony

Jane I just was so guided this morning in yoga to thank you and the creator of this dating site. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!   I have already started an amazing connection with someone. The men on this site are awwwessssommme. Conscious, loving sincere. Wow. One week on this site has delivered better potential mates, then a year on e-harmony.  Thank you. so very grateful. I know I will be sending you a success story.
Love to you and this service.
I will be sending all my single friends and clients to your site.
Thank you,

California Vegan Meets New Yorker With Everything She's Looking For!

I had just about GIVEN UP on finding someone with whom I had chemistry AS WELL as who met the "criterion" of being a vegan (or on their way).  That was until a certain person contacted me, all the way from NY... I'm in CA. 

Well, despite the "2439" miles between us, our first email date was astounding... phone calls after did not disappoint, and after being on FOUR different veggie dating sites for the last FOUR years and not feeling trustworthy of chatting with but one or two people, I finally feel good about saying that we are meeting for the first...

Found! True Love!

I have found my true love and we would like to thank the site for helping make it happen!!!!! It's amazing how we are so compatible and think so alike. We hope that everyone else here will find their perfect match too.
Most thankfully and sincerely,
Erika and James

Happily Married! From Germany all the way to South Africa!

Please be advised that I have met my soul partner on your website and am happily married. Somehow both my wife and myself were suspicious of Internet dating. Both were told by friends to register, and grudgingly did this. However, when my now wife Fatima, all the way from South Africa, looked at my profile I felt an immediate connection. After our initial chatting, we took a leap of faith and I left the comfort of Germany to meet her in South Africa. Several...

Tampa and Ashville Success

I just would like to say that I was originally very reluctant to join any sort of dating site and upon the request of my Wonderful Mother, I did. I was pleasantly surprised how many truly wonderful people I came in contact with.

It was only perhaps a few days on the site, that I met this EXTRA WONDERFUL man, that although he lives in Ashville, NC and I in Tampa, FL- the connection is one that cannot be ignored.

We have only known each other for perhaps 3 weeks and yet there is such a strong connection that we are both in a place of awe and heartfelt devotion....

Maui to Colorado!

Hi Jill,
How are you today? I cancelled my membership three months ago because I found Elizabeth who I am very excited about and we are pursuing and deep and beautiful relationship. We live 3500 miles apart and have managed to stay connected by our hearts desires. She has come to visit me in Colorado and I have been to Maui to visit her. The plan is that she will come visit me in September and stay for two months. We are both looking forward to deepening with each other.

You have a great site and I wouldn't have meet Elizabeth if it weren't for...

The Universe was orchestrating this union!!

In January 2009 I joined your site after having seen a local poster advertising the site because I was simply curious... I never imagined that I would actually meet my life partner online!!

But within one day I received an email from a man who sounded like a wonderful, spiritual, kind-hearted soul and we began emailing each other and getting to know each other "from the inside out". Our feelings deepened for one another and by the time we actually met in person 7 weeks later, we were already in love!!

The funny thing is Peter had seen the same...

7000 Mile Success Story

On Jan 8, 2010, I met Alge from Lithuania, on your site. She is the most amazing human being and we are two soul mates who bridged the global gap through your site!!!

Although she is some 7k miles away, we have seen each other 5 times now and are deeply committed to one another with marriage on the horizon. We have filed for a fiancee visa and await the arrival as she is planning on moving to the US.

After 18 months of looking on your site and over 1400 views, Alge appeared!! There are endless numbers of beautiful souls adorning your site and I want to thank you for...

Love in Canada

I have been telling all of my singles friends about how great your site is.

I wanted to let you know about our story.  Found my amazing life partner on your site.  He actually found me as he was in Edmonton and i am in Vancouver  Your site came up.  I searched the area I was moving to and found a profile that REALLY got my attention.  I checked the compatibility and it was 100% for Intimacy and 98% for the other. He is every thing and more that I had ever wanted in a relationship. Not only the man of my dreams, but also of my conscious intent.


An Unlikely Connection!

The email arrived.  He seemed very nice, but I hadn't joined as an official member.  I let it go.  Another email arrived a few days later.  Something told me I should pay attention.  Eight months later I am sooo glad I did!!   We are experiencing a relationship that is very fulfilling, fun, and growing all the time.  Where he lives and I live, the possibility of us running into to each other  would have been highly unlikely.  Your website helped make the connection, and for that we are extremely grateful.  

Marriage in 2010!

My Lifelong Search for a loving partner has been fulfilled. Our first contact on your site was November 24, 2009. Her profile was so inviting I felt sympathetic vibrations and said I would like to meet her. It was such a relief to meet someone with a clear spiritual interest. There was a natural fit.

After two weeks, I invited her to visit. She arrived from Bogota, Colombia on December 20 for two weeks. We felt so amazingly grounded, open, loving, calm and with parallel life paths, that we became engaged December 28. We plan marriage in May 2010.

The essential and key...

I Met My Soul Mate Two Days After Joining!

I met my Soul Mate two days after joining the site, and we drove together across the country three weeks after meeting! I joined and created my profile on 5/4/09 and immediately began the search for my ideal partner. It was overwhelming, at first, because there were many interesting people. After reviewing several profiles, I received a message on 5/6/09 from my love, after he noticed that I had viewed his profile.

He later told me, "I had a feeling that if I didn't do something (such as send a message), I would...

Love in Thailand

I found her in Thailand...this Oct!  I was going there any way with my '' Thai Dental -Mental Health Tours'' job and thought to see if anyone over there would like to meet me.

It worked beyond my greatest hopes. My profile helped her feel at ease in meeting a ''foriegn'' man and I could see she was able to speak good English and that we had so many values in common that we were a great fit... and it looks like marriage is in the future.

Thanks, as I was about to give up, but I had message time (subscription time) left after a couple of dead-enders, so why not and...

Sacred Union

It brings me great joy and pleasure to email you and let you know that I have met my beloved Partner through your website. I have been holding sacred space in my heart for over 25 years, and because of my spiritual focus, have not been able to meet another spiritual gay man that was able to match my vibrational frequency until a couple of weeks ago. He is a very loving kind gentle man from India, who was guided to your site a few weeks ago.

After filling out the questionnaire, mine was the only match that came up for him, so he read my profile and the rest is history. So thank you...

in love in Italy

Yes- the site really was potent and most useful in bringing us together, and I think we will both be recommending it openly to anyone with similar needs ;-) The immediate connection between our profiles and images on the site has grown -almost instantaneously- into the deepest, firmest, most committed and obviously right way forward: we feel synchronised, and very ready for very new directions in our lives and work, together...

For me, the site was a good open, in-depth and meaningful way to intend a good relationship; I like the language that you use very much, and the...

Partnership Unlike Any Other

On May 2nd, I discovered a truly amazing, beautiful and brilliant woman through your site.  Thanks to her well-written, in-depth profile - and mine - we were quickly able to recognize our compatibility.  We spoke on the phone for hours before we met, and when we did, we knew that something remarkable was taking place.  Our relationship truly blossomed a short time later, with both of us falling in love.  Today, we're creating a partnership unlike any other that we've ever experienced. 

Thanks for creating the medium that brought us...

"You're Exactly What I Meant"

Dear Jill,

I came across your website address last year on youtube and decided to join (2.8.2008) I included this quote in my profile. "You don't have to name your lovers; you don't have to name the cities that you'll move to. You don't have to figure that out. You just have to find the feeling place of what you're looking for. And the Universe will lead you right there. And when you get there, you'll say, oh yeah, you're exactly what I meant."

Abraham Hicks    5 months later, on the 2nd of January 2009 the most adorable man contacted me on this...
Isn't manifesting fun??!!!

I had almost instant success using your service.  I knew what I had been looking for over almost 7 years was somewhere and as it turns out we both joined the same day and I found her at the very top of my first keyword search.   WOW.. Isn't manifesting fun!!!

Robert Hitt

Happily Married for 3 Years
Hi, I have a success story. I met my husband on your site and we have been happily married for 3 years. It was a bit magical, as I was ready to chuck it in and he was too. He read my profile, thought here was a possibility, but decided not to pursue it because he had too many failed connections. So when I went online to my profile, I got a popup that said that this guy was from my town and was interested. I decided to contact him. He said he had not left any indicator that he was interested, but there it was. We talked online a bit, and I reserved judgement until we met. I have learned...
My Gentle Soul Has Arrived!!!

Hello, I am here to thank you for helping me find the love of my life.  We met in January and have been on an incredible journey ever since.  He is the man of my dreams, and I am eternally grateful for him.  It is amazing to have found someone that shares my spiritual beliefs, and enjoys life as I do.  Many thanks!

Manifested & Met My "WOW" Woman!
Where do I start? I am so thankful for your site, it created the avenue for me to manifest and meet my “WOW’ woman. She is beyond my wildest dreams!… What a beautiful gift of having her in my life. We are traveling the world together and enjoying each other every second that we are together.    I have four pieces of advice to share that I learned from:   

1)  Look beyond boundaries. 

A. No picture posted. I could not put a picture on the site and miracleintense was patient and took a chance on...

Unconditional Love in Maui!

I divorced after 26 years of marriage, sold my home (in 3 days, an example of the flow of the Universe in action) and moved to Maui Oct. 22nd....a lot of magic and miracles happen in the course of this year from  April to  December guiding me to Maui.  All of the magic has occurred due to the Conscious Dating Network.
In April, a man from your site who lives on Maui contacted me and we started to communicate.....he told me that since I was a Reiki Master and into alternative medicine and healing that I should...

Instant Connection!

From my end, the story is very simple.  I'm enjoying a wonderful relationship with the person I met right away on the site.  I know it took him a couple of tries with other ladies until I came along. 

I got tired of the conventional dating scene and naturally turned to the Internet for an alternative.  I've never had trouble meeting guys, but when you meet people randomly, you first experience attraction, and then you realize just how little you have in common and waste a lot of emotional energy trying to make things work anyway. 


Soul Mate Found!

Hi there, support team...

Please note: I have already notified you that I wish to withdraw my presence on your website, as recently I've been fortunate to find my soul-mate through Spiritual Singles. Please kindly confirm you have received this message and that my details will no longer appear here.

My best wishes and with many thanks,


Most Wonderful Woman!
I have met the most wonderful woman here, well beyond anything I would have dared ask for!  Your site is most fine, full of such wonderful people. I wish the best of luck to all in their search, may you experience the fullness and success that I have.
Man of my dreams

Thank you for providing me with the opportunity to meet the man of my dreams. Thank you for providing such quality service at an affordable price. You have enabled me to find my true partner in this life time.

Thank you.
Sincerely yours,
One in a Trillion!

Dear Jill:

Happy 2010!  I hope this year will bring you an uplifting, wonderful, healthy, prosperous, and full of sunshine  moments!!

I enjoyed very much reading your beautiful messages, seems that you are a lovely human being doing a wonderful service, uniting people in love and spirit, through your site.

I'm very fortunate, that through your site, I'd found my twin soulmate, and really was like a miracle for me!  He is such an incredible, beautiful soul; he is one in a trillion!

Wishing you the Best of the Best,...

I found my Goddess!

I have such a HUGE "Thank You!!!" to give you. In my opinion you have created the best spiritual based dating service on the net. I have met a total of 6 wonderful Goddesses and found them all be true to their profiles. They are all dear friends to this day and one amazing Goddess has become my Beloved! The beautiful Goddess I am sharing this divine relationship with is an answer to my prayers. We are dancing together in a love I only dreamed of experiencing with a partner. Our souls connect in that deepest place were God lives. I am the biggest promoter of your site as a result...

From Canada to Hawaii

Thank you for bringing us together... Although she lives in Canada right now and I live in Hawaii, we have become very connected...seems like we have always known each other. We will be meeting (in the flesh) and she will be moving to Paradise!! So, thank you so much for being there for us. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you!


Found my mate!

Hi I just wanted you to know that I found my man thru your service. Thank you. Teresa (Gentleone3)

Twin Souls--Sweden & USA

I am happy to tell you I have found my twin soul. We will meet for New Year's! I live in Sweden and my mate in USA. The attraction is amazing and it is possible to meet online. 
I feel grateful.
Thank you!
Love and light

So Happy!

Hi, I meet someone via someone I met on your site!! I am so happy! Thanks so much for connecting us all! Terri

Put the energy out!

Hi!! Well, I think I have met "the one" and so its time for me to unsubscribe from your incredible site. I wish I could say I met him on-line and yet I know that putting together my profile let the Universe know that I am available. So, using your site definitely helped. With appreciation, Kimberly

Focus on Spiritual Realization

It was great coming to a conscious dating site --the only site I know of that has a focus on spiritual realization. After replying to several ads with no real match, two months ago a charming, very compatible and most attractive woman answered my ad. We have been dating exclusively. The beauty is that from the start, we already could easily relate to each others "divine" interests, because your site had provided this unique online forum for us to meet. I especially like the search capabilities, the extensive information available on members, and this service even keeps track of...

Wedding Bells

Thanks for bringing my sweetie and I together via your site. We have a wedding date set for this winter and for once in life I didn´t try to ´make´ something happen. Thanks again.

Namaste´, Bruce

I met the ONE!!

It is with a full heart and incessant smile, that I write to you today. Yes, the wondrous happens! We have been drawn together in the Light and Love of the One indescribable. Deepest appreciation for this avenue of seeking... Thank you for the avenue that has led the One to me! Brightest blessings to all seekers!

From Website to Wedding Bells

From website to wedding bells!!! I know, I know, if we didn´t actually create it would be hard to believe. We wanted to write to share our story with you because it really is a very special one (everyone thinks their story is special, right!!). From someone who has been very consciously own my path of discovery for years, that true spiritual connection was the one thing that was always missing in relationships. To me, if you are not growing spiritually with your partner, the relationship will not succeed. I put up my profile and had a few responses over some time,...

Soulful dating service works!

Dear friends; I want to send a heartfelt message to you thanking you for your website. In a short time, I have met a perspective soul mate through this soulful dating service, and I am very grateful to you. This man has become my friend and I enjoy his company more than anything! I hope others have found the same joy!

I found him!!

Thank you for your support and the correspondence we shared. I am pleased to say that i have met my "him" and we are embarking on our walk of life together. Hugs to you all and best wishes!

Lisa Australia


Aloha, I just wanted to take a moment and express what a truly wonderful service you are providing. I had a very meaningful, transformative email friendship with one member who was instrumental in bringing great changes to my life, and now I am at the beginning of a relationship with another member. Both of these connections have been very fulfilling spiritually and very "guided." I feel your service makes it possible for people to receive support, teachings, and share their experiences on the path, as well as complete karmic contracts without necessarily having to travel and...

Waiting Forever!

I have met my soul mate, the one I have been waiting for forever!!! And it is all thanks to you! When you did the free time as a holiday gift I sent an email and we have been going back and forth with emails and phones calls for hours. And now we are meeting.

Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

Wedding Bells from California to Colorado!

My beloved and I thank you for your wonderful introduction. When I received my first e-mail from “Mike” I knew energetically that he was the one (I had already dated two other wonderful men from the site, who are now good friends!). “Mike” and I are getting married 1/3/03, and if it wasn´t for you we would have never met at all. He was living in CA, and I was living in CO! Serendipity indeed.

Namaste, love and light

Truth in Love surpasses distance--AGAIN!

Thanks to your wonderful site I have contacted and soon will meet with she for whom I have been searching my long lonely life. For all who are still seeking: Never give up on your dreams, the one you are looking for, is just as actively looking for you! Look beyond your immediate area, the pull of Truth in Love surpasses distance, there are no boundaries to the Heart!

Thank You from the bottom of mine!


Hi Friends, Jack ( whom I met through your site) and I are back together! Please cancel my membership. Your expanded site is wonderful!!! I tell my single friends about you.

Thank you!!!

Special Connection

Thank you for posting my pictures. I have met someone very special through your service and we are seeing each other on a regular basis and growing a very special connection. I will keep you posted...

Blessings and many thanks!

Most Wonderful Woman!

To whom it my concern: I have met a most wonderful woman and I will come back to share the whole story soon. Best of wishes and thanks for making this possible!


Across the country

My name is Tom and I live in Florida. Because of your website and a wonderful Colorado woman´s decision to take a chance and contact me even though we were a thousand miles apart, I intuitively feel I have met the life´s spiritual partner that I have been seeking. Even though the miles still separate us at this time, I know in my heart we will eventually be together as it is meant to be. Knowing this in my heart, I no longer need your wonderful service and wish to have my profile deleted at your first opportunity.

Namaste ...Tom

I have met someone truly wonderful

I would like to share my story, and will when I have more time. In fact, I´m going to get him to write his version, too. It´s really amazing! Wonderful site! Just the kind of site I´d thought of starting three years ago when I started dating online!

Thanks, Elisa

Love of my life!

Hi, I´d like to discontinue my subscription to your service since I have met the love of my life on your site! We promise to send you our story when we get time. Right now we´re busy with moving homes, businesses, etc! Thanks so much for bringing us together!

Thanks, Heather

Happy, Fulfilling Relationship

Hello, Please make my status inactive. I have met someone and I am in a very happy, fulfilling relationship.

Thanks, "S"

Manifestation of my heart's desire

Hi, I am writing to ask you to please remove my profile from your database. I am now involved in the deepest relationship of my life with the first person I contacted through your database, and I am putting all of my focus on that connection, so I no longer want to persue meeting other people through your site and wish to have my profile removed please. Thank you for being here and playing this role in my manifestation of my heart´s desire!


Another Cross Country Success Story!

I met my fiancee on your site a year ago -- that is, she found me, and we´ve been taking turns crossing the country to see each other. Our connection seems to bring fortune, happiness and delirious personal growth for both of us! We´ve finally decided to arrange the rest of our lives together, so please deactivate my profile. :)

Thanks! Barry

Adventures and Much Learning

Thank you for year of many adventures and much learning in connecting with different people I met on your site. It has been a rich and at times profound experience. At this time, I´ve decided to focus on one person in particular and so would like to request that my profile be removed.

Thank you, Ed

Like Souls Uniting

Thanks and Happy Easter to you too! During the month that I´ve been actively using your service, I have met two wonderful men! I´m spending the day with one of them today! Thanks for creating a place where like souls can unite!

Wonderful Woman Found

It is with pleasure that I am writing to request that my profile be removed, as I have met a wonderful woman through the web site and will be focusing my energy on this person. Thank you for the opportunity to connect with such a fine person.

Sincerely, Glenn

"Soul of Like Mind and Heart"

Hello and thank you for the opportunity to meet a most remarkable man. Because of your site, I have fallen very much in love with a soul of like mind and heart. And, as a result, I´m ready to take my profile off of the site. The good news is, I have told others of my good fortune, so even though you are losing me as a member, I have sent many others your way.

Thanks again!


Hello, I have met someone through your site who I wish to date exclusively. Please remove my profile.

Thanks! -- John

Met a great man!

Good morning,

Please remove the profile. I used your web site for several months and met a great man. Thank you for providing this service.


Quality Members

Hi Joy, Thanks, again! I actually met a very nice person through your site last time I was on. We got together a few times and e-mailed a lot. It has become a nice friendship with lots in common, but it isn´t meant to be more intimate. At least not now. I was particularly pleased with the quality of this person and the respectful and gentle way we have handled our friendship. Thanks for your efforts to keep the site up. Meeting this person has made a very positive impact on my life and I feel more confident about being able to meet all my relationship goals.


Spiritually Conscious People Connecting

Thanks for your message and for the information on my Pay Pal payment. And, yes, in fact I have met someone special! Not only only have we connected in a wonderful way, she’ll also be moving here to my home city once she sells her condo. So, I would say my experience with the web site was quite a success! Again, thanks. I’m very grateful for a web site oriented towards spiritually conscious people, as it narrows down the respondents to those I’d be more likely to have core values in common with. And, much to my delight, my new partner also shares other values that are...

I am no longer available!

"I'm writing to ask that you remove my profile. I have met someone through your site and am thrilled to say that I'm no longer available.

Love, D"

Someone Special Found Again!

I am happy to say that I made a wonderful connection on your site and am pursuing a loving, caring relationship with a beautiful woman. Great job in bringing people together. I feel that your site will make a BIG difference for many people looking for that "special someone" to connect with.

Thank you, Bill

The one special person!

Thank you for your service this past month. My objective in signing up was to contact one person I felt strong affinity with, and in fact, we have made a strong connection and are exploring our potential.

Thank you again! Namaste`

Awesome, wonderful man!

Thank you and please remove me from your website. I have met an awesome, wonderful man thanks to you!


Bright Days and Magical Nights!

I feel very fortunate and exhilarated to write that my beloved and I have come together through your website. Many years and missed opportunites have come and gone, but now the days are bright and the nights magical. We feel very blessed. Your site is like a great searchlight--may you shine on!


Just Amazing

I am writing to ask you to remove my profile, for the great reason that I met a wonderful man on your site and we have moved in together. I doubt our paths ever would have crossed had we not met on this site. That strikes me as just amazing.

Best regards, Pascha


Blessings: I have connected with someone and no longer wish to have my profile on your service. Thank you for ALL you are & ALL you do!

Every JOY Darlene

Heart Connection

Thank you for offering this wonderful service, I have made contact with some amazing people here. I have recently met a wonderful man through your site, we have made a beautiful heart connection and I am ready to explore us further. Please remove my profile.

Peace and Light to You and All, Diana

Too Successful!

Unfortunately, your site has been so SUCCESSFUL...that I´m going to have to discontinue my membership. And he might discontinue his as well you need to be LESS efficient in helping all of us find our soulmates...! HA! I´ve met someone that I think may well be someone important in my life...thank you VERY much for having the brilliant idea of coming up with this website. I think my subscription will be over in a few I won´t be needing to renew it.

Thanks again! F

Love of my life

I met him, the love of my life. his screenname was *--* and he was with you too. Thanks and please remove my profile. Keep up the GREAT work!


The Right Place

Thank you!! I have met someone through your service and it has all been a pleasure. I need to now remove my profile from the site. Thanks for being the right place for me to meet someone new. "C"

I would like to discontinue my membership as I found a woman and am pretty well ´ensconsed´ right now. Please remove my profile and do not charge my credit card any more. Thank you. You have a great site and I´ve met some nice women through it. Please confirm when the above is completed. Thanks. Terry
The "ONE"
Please delete my profile entirely from your website...I finally met someone on your site, and we just met in person in Santa Fe this weekend...he´s definitely "the one." YAY! Once we tie the knot...barring anything terrible that goes wrong between now and the end of the year, we´ll send you a formal testimonial letter, and pictures, of course!!!! Keep up the AMAZING work...and we, of course, send much positive karma your way! Thanks, "F"
Just the details left
Hi, I wanted to write and let you know that I would like my profile removed. I have met a wonderful lady through your site and I see no reason to continue. There are some things to be worked out such as her finishing her masters and winding down her affairs so she can relocate, but...those are details. Thank you so much J
The most wonderful compatible person!
I´m writing to ask that my profile be removed from your site. Thanks to your wonderful site, I´ve met the most wonderful and compatible person I could ever hope to meet. The site does live up to it promises. Thanks again! Jeff
Down the street and didn´t know it!
John and I met on your site and frequently quip that we had to go out on the World Wide Web to meet each other living 4 miles away. We became good friends, activity partners and spoke daily for quite a while. Eventually we took a hiking trip together and spent a long weekend together. On the ride back home we talked about the feelings developing between us. Then we started serious types of discussion and within a few weeks declared our love. Marriage is planned for Thanksgiving week! We are thrilled to have found each other! Thanks for deleting my profile. Susan
Blissfully happy
Hello, I have met somebody from your site, and I am blissfully happy (and even engaged). When we have the time, we will write an official testimonial for you together. I am also going to talk to my fiance about our sending you a donation as another way of expressing our gratitude and saying "thank you". Sincerely, Heather
All that and a bag of chips!
The man that I met on your site is a licensed mental health counselor, a life coach and relationship counselor, in his own practice, certified in the same areas that I am (only he is more accomplished and has a lot more than me) and has a high degree of ethics and integrity, is a professional; photographer and writes the most amazing poetry. I cannot believe that he was available, but destiny wins out once again. Yeah for destiny! We have values we each bring of honesty and openness to the relationship. He is funny, intelligent, kind, compassionate, open, fluid, receptive, giving, and...
Twin Souls
Please take me off the list. My Twinsoul and I would appreciate it. My twinsoul found me in a search from Fl. I live in CA. I didn’t look outside of CA. She is packing up, selling stuff sent me a ticket to fly to Fl. We will drive back to CA. We are retired. That’s what we call being healers and able to work with Spirit FULL TIME. We have no hesitation with each other. It is too good to be………..a lie. My suggestion to everyone is to keep up dating your profile and CONTACT ALL of your favorites. Nothing can happen until you contact and when it happens it’s worth it. Love you,...
Love in the UK!
Hi Please can you cancel my monthly payment and membership with your site. I am happy to say this is due to the fact that I am now in a relationship with someone I met through the site. Many thanks Jayne
Man of my dreams!
After trying, eharmony and jdate over a period of two years or more, I met someone very special on your site--in fact--the very first person who wrote to me turned out to be the man of my dreams! Unequalled results for which I´m very grateful!
Forces of Nature
Thank you for removing my profile, I really appreciate your speedy assistance with my request. And yes, I have met somebody very special... It is such an interesting phenomenon, I put in writing while filling out the profile and low and behold, the most amazing man came into my life just days later! Don´t you just love the way the forces of nature work? Thank you again. Viktoria
England to Australia!
A naturopath friend of mine taught me the magic of taking the time to write a detailed wish list of the precise type of partner I was looking for. She told me to take a few months doing that and that she had done this and found her ideal partner. I took about a year to do this on another match site. This was 3yrs ago, I joined yet another and another site, and each time I perfected my profile. By the time I joined your site, I knew that I needed to have someone deeply spiritual, intelligent, health conscious, hopelessly romantic with high energy levels who was well groomed and had similar...
Michigan to California
Thank you for my time on your site! It took me less than a month, just that first subscription time to find a wonderful, wonderful man!! He is flying from Callifornia to Michigan in less than a week to meet me after talking for 2 to 4 hours every day, and if the connection is a good in person as it has been on the phone, we will have met our life partners!!! I think this is due to the nature of your questionnaire and also to it´s intent as a whole, that being a site for people interested in spiritual development, not just the mundane pursuit of rollerblading, hockey games and dinners...
Wonderful Blessing
I have met the most wonderful woman in my life on your site! I send a tremendous gratitude for meeting my soulmate on your site. What a blessing! A wonderful and powerful success story! THANK YOU!! FOR THE WONDERFUL BLESSING OF BRINGING MY SOULMATE TO ME. Many blessings and Namaste´ Bob
Another Wedding!

I have found a special someone. I always talk up your site to anyone I meet who is in the consciousness raising world who is looking for a partner. Please delete my account as the wedding date is set for May 23 2005. I hope that I never need your site again but I will continue to promote your site to friends and family who I think are in the conscious-raising community.



You can manifest whomever you want
Hi there
THANK YOU !! I Have found love here goes my reply:

I have just read my profile with the  new love of my life by my side, he giggled at some of the things I wrote about myself - (for we actually didn't meet through the site). I know that writing the profile and gaining confidence by talking to some of the lovely members on the site meant I was telling the Universe I was ready to embrace my new soul mate. The site is wonderful and helps one embrace the uncertainty of dating again, thank you for being there for me and although I hope I won't need to return, if I am...
Man of my dreams in Canada!

Hi there -
Well I can't explain it, but I met the man I know I've been waiting for forever.  He lives in Canada and I'm in Colorado - but we're meeting in the middle in Montana and going from there. I'm eternally grateful for the opportunity you've given us.  We'd love to hear from other international soulmates who can give us any pointers! 

Thank you - this is truly a site of miracles.
Englewood, CO

Coast to Coast True Love
I would like to discontinue my membership. . .because you did your job so well!!  (LOL)   I was fortunate enough to 'meet' a wonderful man from the first day I joined your service.  We have so much in common and the connection was immediate.  The opportunity to know each other, without your service, would have been unlikely as we were living on opposite coasts.  My lifestyle and career did not permit me the time to meet someone in the 'traditional' manner.  Who would have thought someone could find a true love on the Internet??  I have to say that I think you get to know someone on a very...
Love of my life

Hi! I sought to remove myself from your list because I have found the love of my life. I truly apreciate the part you played in my relationship and will recommend your site to any interested parties.  Thank you in advance for removing me or helping me to do so. Blessings!

The power of intention

Two years ago now I created a profile on your site.  I liked that there was a site for spiritualy dedicated people and I also understand the power of intention.  If I really wanted a partner in my life I had to show up, yet being an extremely busy person no time seemed available in my life; this site was my answer. Through developing a profile I became clear on who I am and also on who would truly complement me.  This was incredibly invaluable to me, this process prepared me for the magic of perfect connection, someone who I casually bumped into on a business trip and then months later in...

Special Someone Found
Great Job!
I want to thank you for the great job you do! I have
found someone special and would like for you to remove
my profile from your website...

Thanks again,
Words of Encouragement
Hello,   I want to thank you for being the vehicle for finding my soulmate! I would like you to please remove my profile from the database since I no longer need it there!    I want to encourage others to open their search up to the whole planet, instead of just local areas.  If I hadn't, I wouldn't have found him.  (He's in Canada, and I am in US)  Also...don't just go by the photo.  He didn't end up looking at all like I expected....he is bald, and to my great surprise, I love it!  But his answers that were so deep and consciously aware...
Soul Mates Together
Hello:   Yes, I would like to request my profile be removed from the site. I did indeed meet the man of my dreams through your incredible site! We have been together for nearly a year and a half now, and i have no doubt that I have found my soul mate. We are happier together than either of us has ever been in any other relationship.   Thank you for everything and all the best!   Sincerely,   Megan J
International Connection
Thank you for your letter.   I actually met someone through your site and we are corresponding with each other. He is in Canada and so the long distance is a challenge. Please pray for us.   Munira
Beautiful Soul
Please delete my profile as I've met a beautiful soul embodying the intangible of all my searching, and the intelligence of higher mind when we allow it to express what we long for.   Heather
Energy of joining
Yes, it is true I have not logged on.

As with so many others, joining your site has brought Love deeply into my life. Partly through your site and partly because of the energy of joining that allows the Universe to get me in deeper contact with someone who was "there all the time" but I hadn't realized. (Across the sea stuff. We're soon to meet in person.)

So - it\'s time to say Thank you and to take me off the list!

Blessings on all your endeavours and a heartfelt thanks.

Love 'n' Light

Match made in Heaven!

Hi Joy,

On your site, I am "*****" and the women I finally met in person is "*****".  I live in Denver, CO and she lives in Salt Lake City, UT.  We've had a flurry of email and many phone calls the past two weeks. We found that each of us was exactly what we've been asking the universe to deliver. 

I am a licensed Avatar Master for the Avatar Courses you would find at  She also teaches at a course called the Awakening. We\'ve both experienced very enlightened states of consciousness and live our life mostly free of judgment and...

Gloriously in love

Hi there!

I have met someone through the site (though he didn't show up in matches...we just synchronistically were
both logged on the site at the same time). We have fallen fully and gloriously in love.

Thank you.

Bright Blessings, Havi

Colorado and DC Connect!
Another member and I have been spending most of our time together after a trip half way cross the country.  So it seems we may best be put in the 'suscessfull' heading and you can cancel my subscription.  Thanks!  ******* ~   I'm ******** and am very happy to have found *******.  Having a delightful summer here in his Colorado and then we're going to my DC.   
I met the love of my life!
I met the love of my life, the greatest spiritual connection and deepest most passionate love I have ever known on your site.   We've met a couple of times now and I am heading for Salt Lake City from Denver next Friday to be with her for 4th of July and looking for a house for us in Denver, too.  

She is "******" on the web site and I am "******".  The photo was taken in Grand Junction, Colorado two weeks ago.  If ever I was head over heels "in love", it's now.  Thank you for bringing us together and especially for the essay questions that caused...
Better than conventional sites!

A note to thank you for your dating site.  I spent over two months posting and emailing ladies on a couple well known conventional dating sites to no avail.  A month or so after posting on your site I met a super gal.  Ten months later we're still dating.  I feel it's important to connect with others who have similar metaphysical realities and values.  I've kept my paid subscription up these ten months as a "thank you" for your great dating service.  It's the best I found for metaphysical singles.

Lee R.

The gift of 'time'
I really appreciate your site; being a very busy woman involved in the 'real' world with issues of consciousness, having a profile, presence and purpose that intimidates many if not most men, your site has afforded me an opportunity to be anonymous and yet engage in deep dialogue without revealing all of who I am inappropriately.  I have 'met' several very interesting men and have fascinating dialogues going with them at this time.  In this you have given me something I don't have enough of--- time! You will be pleased to know that i have in fact directed several friends to your site; all of...
Better than E-Harmony
To whom it may concern, I wanted to let you know that I have cancelled my account because I am not interested in dating at this time. I did want to say that I think this sight is really great. Here is why. I have been a member of I am also out of organized religion. This sight got me into a group of free thinkers. People who are "conscious". My favorite thing is that the questions you asked on the profile told me more about the person whom I was interviewing than anything on E-Harmony. Men would really take their time and answer the questions. Thank you for coming up with this...
Miracle in my life!

I\'ve found the love of my life......on your website!

I thank all of you SO much for the great profile questions which supported me in really showing up and revealing who I am.  The essay questions really asked me to ge very clear on exactly what I wanted in relationship and in a partner.

After having done that excercise (and preparing myself through the years through my own inner work) I have found the man of my dreams who is so totally beyond any and all desires I could write in the profile......I'm still awestruck and incredibly grateful for any and all who took part...

The other miracle!
Hello Joy,

The Quest paid off far more than my wildest dreams.  I had a vision of the ideal woman and Lynds is inifinitely more compatible than my mind could ever create. I am in total awe of the relationship we are creating and often humbled to tears of joy.

I can feel the unconditional love of God pouring through Lynds heart of soul and at the same time she and I are very human and vulnerable which only evokes the tenderest loving feelings.  Like Lynds, the essay questions really underscored both my own clarity and being able to see a clear picture of her...
Singapore to Denmark
Thank you for your matchmaking website. I have found my soulmate of my dreams. I shall soon be joining him in Denmark from Singapore. Please remove my photo from your website. Thanks and may God Bless your work.

Norway to California
Dear Friend,
We are happy to share that we have found each other
because of you.  For us this has been an adventure
that has happened new doors that we never would have
believed just a few monthes ago.  So please remove our
profiles and confirm when it is done.  Thanks for the
great work you do.

Warmest wishes,
Niania (California) and Elkah (Norway)
Deep Gratitude
Dear Managers,
I have enjoyed my time on your web site. I am still in love with the bride I did find here. Deep gratitude I owe you. Be blessed, and happy holidays.

Jacques and Dawn of the Flower
Love of my life!
Dear Conscious Dating Network, Please delete my profile. I have met the love of my life and I found him on your site!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Jane
Denmark with love
Dear Joy,

Thank you for writing to me. Yes, I have found a spiritual match with someone from your site. 

He is a wonderful man and I am truly grateful to your website and you for having found him, whom I feel and hope is a soul match. Right now I am with him in Denmark having a wonderful time being with him for the last three weeks. Please continue your good work. I shall be grateful if you would kindly remove my profile from your website. Much love and light I wish upon you and your website. Thank you.

After being a member of this site for 3 years, my life has completely transformed because of it.  My most precious friends and allies have come through this system!  In addition to that, 9 months ago today I had my first date with my now beloved partner.  Our lives are so unique that our compatibility is literally ONE IN A MILLION - at least.   It is because of this site that a man from Long Island met this woman in San Diego and we are now living cutting edge lives together in a revolutionary relationship. I love what a resource this is and how it expands community and hearts. Please remove...
From Ireland to France - Souls Reunited

Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful site where like minded spiritual people can meet...I am happy to say that I have met an amazing man - my soul mate -through your site and this meeting has completely changed both of our lives.

Destiny definitely brought us together because it was by pure coincidence that we met, but then again, we both believe that there aren't any coincidences, and that everything happens for a reason... I was looking for spiritual journeys on line when I found your site completely by accident - I had no idea that this site even existed...!...

I no longer need to have a profile available on your site as to
my complete and utter surprise I have meet someone I love without limits and the woman whom I am going to marry. I am almost shocked that I have found this absolutely amazingly wonderful person, she is the sweetest, funniest, kindest, smartest, most loving person I have EVER had the great pleasure to come across and I love her truly, madly and deeply.

We will of course send an update when that event happens but I would like to VERY MUCH thank you for making it possible through this site.

Very warm...
Awed and profoundly grateful...
I initially joined your site to "get clear" about what I wanted in a partner. Your format and essay questions assisted me tremendously to think, write and think some more about that question and the more I edited my profile, the clearer I got. Of course, following the laws of manifestation, it did not take long for the "One" to flash upon the screen as a match.   We've made the connection and in a supernova flurry of "cyber" conversations and picture/life sharing I am confident I have found the love of my life. I've never experienced anything like this before. I am awed and profoundly...
Moving to Texas!
Hi, I really enjoyed meeting spiritual people through your website, but didn't really think I would ever meet "the one" for me. After only a couple weeks I found my true love, my twin flame, my best friend! We just visited for the first time after talking and emailing for 2 months (since we live in different states) but our connection is so natural and deep that we both feel like we've known each other forever, and he is moving to Texas to be with me! I am sure we have a lifetime of joy, personal growth and harmony ahead - We are sooooo blessed! Thank you for your service! Kris
Marriage in October

Hi Joy,

Yes thank you I have met the woman of my dreams.  We are engaged and getting married October 7th of this year.  Life is grand!  :-)  Please delete my profile from your website and good luck with YOUR search.

Peace and harmony to all,

California to Colorado
I am a member of your Site (*******) and I contacted you recently to cancel my subscription after only one month on your site because I had met my mate (*********) and now want to share the success story with you:   I have met (cyberly) the beautiful, conscious, spiritual, mystical partner I have longed for during my first month on your site. My intended presently lives in Ojai, CA and I live in Boulder, CO, but our conversations from the heart have lent us to "knowing" we have both finally found what we have longed for in a partner for the rest of our spiritual journey back to the source....
Matching your being
Hi, and thanks for all you do to connect people. I am creating a wonderful relationship with a very spiritual woman -- another energy healer, like me, and who shares many of my inspirations, and is open to the rest. So, please feel free to delete my profile. P.S.  In case you're interested, my 7 must-haves for a life partner (which she/we have met) are:1)  Unconditional love for all beings (my highest ideal)2)  Non-smoker (my simplest practical concern)3)  Self-clearing (she can own and handle her own upsets, and communicate from there)4)  Deep communication (not just sharing information --...
3000 Miles
Hi Joy,Want to thank you for your great site.  I HAVE MET THE ONE!!!  We began communicating through your wonderful site, met after about one month, & during that powerful weekend we both knew this is it!  Although we have nearly 3K physical miles between us, we are planning to come together later this yr. & as we have experienced such a deep connection during our first visit, we know we will bridge the gap & make it happen & we text msg. & speak on the phone several times on most days & the distance does not feel like an issue.  We both know this is what we have been...
Moving West to be together!
Yes, I have not been on your site as I found my 'dream' man on it thanks to you. We are now moving in together.  He had sold his house just before we 'met' through your site and is heading west to be with me.

Relocating for Love

I had only been a member of your site for a day when I came across Stacey’s profile. I felt an immediate resonance, but noticed to my disappointment that she had not been active since 2005. I thought certainly she is already in a relationship. A week or so later I decided to email her anyway. A couple hours later she emailed me back saying that reading my profile had entirely shifted her reality. She included her phone number, and that evening we talked for several hours; next evening the same, when we discussed the reality of one of us flying to see the other. The third...

Married after 2 months!
Briefly, I want to let you know of a success story.   I met the most wonderful lady re: this connection.  We are without a doubt, soul mates.  After knowing each other just two months, we were married on Christmas day in Las Vegas.   Thank you so much for making this connection possible.    Robert T
wonderful website
Dear Webmaster, I met someone through your wonderful website after only a couple of months. Thank you for everything.  You can print this message if you want to. Sincerelymilarepa
Colorado and DC to OHIO!
EsotericHealr met Digambara and we've been together since April 2005. Sold his house in Colorado, getting ready to sell mine in DC and we're buying one in Ohio.  Think he sent a testimonial once.  Please remove my EsotericHealr profile.  Thanks, Christine S
Lived close, but never would have met!
The first e-mail was sent on November 30, 2006 and on April 22, 2007 we were married.  Even though we lived and worked in close proximity of each other, without your site we wouldn't have met.  We know the calendar says 5 months but our relationship to time seems to have changed.  It is not possible that we haven't known each other for decades.  Thank you!!
Our best,
Maizy and Milarepa
Mary and Joe
Perfect Harmony

Wow, thank you so much! I didn't take long... only after being a member for two weeks I found the love of my life and he found me. The universe opened up and started singing in perfect harmony… and NOW there is so much joy to be experienced and so much abundance to be shared! Although all the way on the other side of the country, love has brought us together, our lives are forever changed. And now we are starting a new life, with our two beautiful daughters and making a family. This has been such a blessing and all in perfect alignment with the Source. Hooray! I am so very grateful… Thank...

Love of my life
I would like to cancel my subscription. Through your agency I have met a man who I truly believe will be the love of my life.  It is most unlikely that we would ever have met otherwise. Like minded people are really brought together through your website. Thank you for making a meeting with this person possible.

I have advised my daughter to become a member. Once again thank you and many blessings on all of you.
Dzagbe Cudjoe
Feels like a lifetime

Thank you!  I have met an incredible person and we appear to be in complete alignment.  It has only been three weeks but it feels like a lifetime already.

Best regards,


Scotland to America!

I just wanted to let you know of my own success story after using your web site.I found my love, my life partner, my soul-mate the very first day I accessed the site; we started communicating there and then; the heavens opened and angels showered us with love… He was beautifully wrapped and waiting for me in America. I am in Scotland and we will be together soon when I move to be with him.

Peace and Light,


Quick Results!
What can I say? I have met a very special lady through your web site alleady and met her in person last week, so therefore don't need your services anymore. I recomended your site to a friend, Uffe, from Denmark and he is very pleased too. The quality of people attracted to your site is high and the service is excellent. The whole process is well thought out and easy to work.I cant speak too highly of you.Many thanks, Chris 
Positive Energy
First I want to let you know that John and I met
through your site, are now very happy together and
both feel that we have found what we were looking for.
We are very grateful and thank you very much! I didn't
really think that the internet would work for me, but
it surely did and we are planning our lives together.
Keep up the positive energy and we wish that other
people will find the same connectedness, joy and
happiness as we do!
Twin Flames Unite
I have met my twin flame on this site and we are deeply in love with each other. He is ******(user name), Steve. We communicate every day and the love just keeps growing. I need to completely remove myself from this site since I am no longer available. I would like to tell you about how we are doing later. He is so loving and so wonderful. My dreams were not just met but exceeded. Thank you. Love Carm
Highest Qualtiy Members
I subscribed to several online dating services for about three years.  Early on I decided to be forthcoming and accurately descriptive in my profiles about things that matter to me, simple things that have over decades proved to be fundamental and lasting sources for me of contentment and satisfaction.  Refining the specificity of my profile over time reduced the number of ultimately dead-end initial exploratory contacts, which being a busy person, was a great benefit.  Over the span of my subscriptions I received a small number of comments validating the thoughtful thoroughness of my...
Mind Boggling!

Greetings everybody!
I have made an unbelievably strong connection with a lady in less than one month of being a paid member!

The number of phenomenal spiritual ladies on this site is mind-boggling.

Guys, if you put in serious time & effort on this site, you will find someboby compatible! Be that person, you want to attract! Good luck - G.S.

Soul Mates United
I just want to say thank you. I have met a wonderful man thought your site and we are madly in love! I live in Turkey and he in Florida but we are going to work something out.It started by Google'ing 'find my soul mate'. You were the first website to come up, and the first and only time I have been on such a site. I loved all the questions you asked. Your system chose the man who actually IS my soul mate! He was the first person you suggested. How cool is that! His first words to be when I asked him what he thought about my profile was 'gee, you are more me then me!' The power of intention...
Powerful Connection Tool
Dear Billing, Being a member has been a really wonderful and enriching experience. I have corresponded with and met some truly wonderful and inspirational women. In fact, I have started seeing one woman to the point where I feel that I should no longer maintain a presence on your site. It is a truly a powerful connection tool and as much as I enjoy being part of your community, I feel I should honor all of the energy within it and for now cancel my subscription. Thanks, Spence
The Dream is Real
It was my wildest dream to believe it could be possible to locate one's twin flame on a website. Well the dream is real now thanks to your site. Carm and I both rejoined after more than 1 year away and found within each other's hearts the flame that burns brightly inside for the other. There is nothing we would not do for each other. We are planning the rest of our loving lives together - which includes a move and a marriage in 2009.

With Bright Blessings,

Steve Rose
Delightful Man
After quite a few contacts, a delightful man contacted me and we have found much happiness with each other. We would not have met without your site. Thank you.
Soul to Soul Level
I believe I have met the One- -thanks to the profound work you do in connecting people from a soul to soul level.  I am deeply grateful for your services, and as I have finally found the man of my dreams, I no longer am available.

with love and gratitude,

Unbelievably Matched Partner
To say I met the perfect partner is an understatement.  I have literally met the most unbelievably matched partner who is literally beyond my most perfect imaginings.  It's as if the universe opened up and fulfilled my request...but my request was so small compared to what I have received that it is such an obviously rare gift.  She is the person I have been waiting for and at times it is just overwhelming to realize that we have even found one another after such a long search.  I feel at peace and in the moment when with her...does it get any better than that?  Yes!  She feels the same way...
Couldn't have asked for more
I want to express my gratitude to the creators of your site to have helped me to find in just 2 days a wonderful, inspiring, exquisite and emotionally intelligent man. By the way the profile of this man was nothing about being spiritual, totally in the wrong web site, that's why he attracted me and I looked for him. He was original and unique in displaying his profile as he is now unique, original and profoundly caring/loving person to me. I'm very grateful, I've could not have asked for more. Thank you. Dreamcatcher29
3000 Mile Success Story

Hello: I have cancelled my subscription and I want to thank
you from the bottom of my heart for holding this space
for true love. I have met my twin flame and she is beside me 24/7 even though She is 3000 miles away ! I am still in shock and it is sinking in slowly..

I am the happiest man in the world!

Namaste Daniel

Bright and Loving Future
Hi there,
We would like to take the opportunity to thank you for the wonderful service you are providing. I met my soul mate on your site earlier this year. I am from Canada and my beloved is from NY. We are now engaged and looking into a bright and loving future.
Keep up the good work.
Blessings to all
Parvati & Dee Dee
Only 2 Suburbs Away!

I would like to share with you that I have met someone on your web site.  My name on this web sight was Shining_star and I have met illmakeusmile.

On our very first date we talked for 9 hours straight, and we are so happy to have met through this site. It also turns out that we are only two suburbs away from each other. It has been 3 weeks since meeting each other. I would like to thank you for having this site and making this possible!

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